Transport Law

As far as the field of transport law is concerned we have two lawyers in our office staff – each of whom is a specially qualified lawyer for transport and forwarding law. We conduct lawsuits for freight damage in the name and on behalf of our clients’ carriers’ liability insurance and transport insurance companies and we counsel forwarding agents, insurance companies and shippers in all fields of national and international transport law, more particularly also land freight law under the German Commercial Code and under the CMR provisions, issues and questions concerning multimodal transports, sea freight law, air freight law under the Montreal Convention, logistics and storage law as well as customs law.


We assist and support our clients when it comes to the assertion and enforcement of unpaid freight claims and in the preparation and negotiation of shipping contracts, freight contracts, storage contracts and logistics contracts. Our lawyers are permanently engaged in pertinent advanced studies and they are giving lectures on these subjects themselves. We are also regularly publishing relevant articles in professional journals and commentaries dealing with current subjects of transport and forwarding law and we are additionally also editing a quarterly newsletter.



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