Administrative law

We counsel and represent you in all kinds of matters which have to do with authorities and public institutions. In our quality of expert lawyers who are specialized in administrative law we not only represent individuals who are seeking justice, but also authorities, public institutions, communities and municipalities. You can profit from our long years of experience in administration procedures and in proceedings before administrative courts.


Our professional activities in administrative law and administrative court proceedings are multi-faceted. They include the fields of public building law, local taxation and levies law,  land improvement levies law, business-related and economic administrative law, industrial and trade law, environmental law, and from banks supervision law all the way to military and civil alternative service law  as well as to school- and university-related legislation.


If you were somehow to be involved in administrative court proceedings we will represent you before all administrative courts and higher administrative courts of the „Länder“ as well as before the Federal German Administrative Court.


In cases where it comes to the assertion of claims involving official or government liability aspects we will represent you before all „Landgerichte“ (District Courts) and „Oberlandesgerichte“ (Higher Regional Courts).




Other legal areas around Administrative Law