Internet law

Internet law is a composite  aggregate which covers  various fields of law. It includes  issues of law and legal problems which come up with the use of the Internet. In so far it is referred-to as what is called cross-sectional law.

In the field of contract law frequent questions are concerned with  the conclusion of business transactions by way of statements or declarations which are made by way of the Internet or Internet shops. In many  cases legal problems must be solved in a context with the legally valid conclusion of contracts and agreements and the contractual commitment effect which is to be attributed to such contracts and agreements.

In a context with the conclusion of online contracts and agreements it is often the use and the effective inclusion of General Business Terms and Conditions which is  the object of legal disputes and litigation. When it comes to the termination of contracts and agreements relevant questions which need to be answered relate to the revocation of concluded contracts and agreements, to the rescission or the question of other ways of termination  of an existing contractual relationship.  In so far the issue which needs to be dealt with in the first place is  the question of whether the contract or agreement concerned was validly concluded.

In addition to contract law it is also competition law which is another pertinent field where the problem of ad hortatory letters plays an important part. The issues which are at stake are claims for damages, the design and contents of the homepage, the possibility to demand negative covenants in case of infringements on copyrights and/or trade marks and illegal downloads. Other significant aspects covered  by this field of law are ad hortatory letters which are sent on the grounds of violations of law committed in the form of either a missing or an incomplete imprint, copyright  claims, or on the grounds of inadmissible publicity or advertising, and websites. In so far the judicial remedy of an interim injunction is an important way of objection.

Other frequent questions relate to domain law and pertinent current  jurisdiction.

The drafting and installation of Internet forums and newsletters are also covered by this field of law.

Yet other issues which need to be given attention relate to media law and  data protection.  


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