Public works law

Public works law constitutes the basis for the dedication and structural use of land. It is already prior to the execution of the building measures or work properly speaking, that is to say  already in connection with the installation, the alteration and/or the change of the intended use of a building structure  that we clarify and obtain an answer to the question whether a certain project is eligible for a planning permission and building permit in view of the pertinent public law building provisions  (construction planning law -, building bylaws/codes and other supplementary statutes such as, for instance, monument-protection law). By providing a clear and reliable analysis we minimize the risks involved in non-realizable economic expectations on the part of both the builder and the investor. Thus it can be avoided that intended building projects eventually turn out to be in non-compliance with public works law and that adaptations to these legal provisions will cost time and money. In this context we make it a point to see to it that the project-specific requirements of formalized administrative process will be taken into account and that the optimum solution can be found for the course of the respective planning phase from amongst the multiplicity of the provisions of public works law. We will counsel and represent you on the basis of our long years of experience which we have with both building authorities and administrative courts.

When we provide counselling services concerning public works law we also take account of neighbours’ interests or concerns. A project which does not take account of the neighbourhood-protecting provisions which are provided under public works law can hardly be materialized and enforced when it comes to cases where neighbours will file their justified actions.

The spectrum of the work of our specialized lawyer for public law and especially public works law also includes the assertion and enforcement of subjectively public interests which are brought up in the course of development planning proceedings and the official approval of a given plan. It goes without saying that we also represent our clients in cases which are brought to the administrative courts and the higher administrative courts in proceedings aiming at judicial review.


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