Tax Law

German tax law is one of the most complex laws world-wide, which is reason enough to obtain counsel and advice from a knowledgeable expert in this field of law when being faced with difficult questions or considerations   which may be of enormous significance.

Do you have any questions such as for instance

  • as the sole proprietor of a business, a „GmbH“ (i.e. a limited liability company under German law), a „GmbH & Co.KG (i.e. a limited commercial partnership with a GmbH as general partner), or another legal structure regarding turnover tax, corporation tax, or trade tax (which latter is not applicable for free-lancers),
  • regarding your personal income tax,
  • concerning the wording of contracts – also with a view to company or partnership law – from the viewpoint of fiscal reasons,
  • in case of an external audit, a special turnover tax audit or a turnover tax search, an abbreviated field audit, on-site tax assessment, or do you wish us to advise and support you in this respect,
  • in case of an insinuation of a „hobby“ by the Inland Revenue Office,  
  • in case of projects which have to do with inheritance tax law, gift tax law and valuation law,  
  • with respect to issues concerning land transfer tax and tax code matters

We shall check and verify given facts and circumstances and clarify your point of law in relation to the Inland Revenue Office by way of legal remedy or appeal proceedings, and, if necessary also in relation to the fiscal courts, discussing your chances and risks with you from a realistic point of view, and also in relation to the German Supreme Tax Court if the case is suited for such proceedings and statutory requirements are met.

If you have any questions regarding fiscal issues in other countries we shall help you to find a qualified lawyer in the country concerned if we feel that our law office cannot solve the problem by its own experts.

Another tax-related field is the German Tax Code, which is, however, a field of law in itself. If you have any questions in this respect the person to contact is our expert lawyer who is particularly qualified and specialized in administrative law.

Other legal areas around Fiscal Law