Associations Law

In the field of associations law our efforts focus amongst other aspects on counselling our clients on association-related matters and more particularly on issues and questions pertaining to


  • the foundation of an association
  • the drafting / verification of the association’s rules
  • the association’s registration in the Register of Associations
  • the optimization of the association’s objects with a view to the attaining of tax concessions
  • the rights and obligations of the association’s members
  • the amounts and the limits of membership dues
  • the tasks and the rights of the association’s manager or managing board / other organs or bodies of the association  
  • the liability of the association or of individual members
  • the preparation and the implementation of members’ meetings
  • the contestation of elections and resolutions
  • the association’s liabilities 
  • the necessity of recording and authenticating resolutions taken by the members’ meetings
  • the mode of procedure in the case of amendments to or modifications of the association’s rules
  • the association’s disciplinary measures, more particularly as far as the expulsion of members is concerned
  • the merging of several associations
  • the transformation or winding-up of the association
  • the association’s membership in leading central organizations, umbrella organizations or sub-divisions of the same  
  • fiscal law


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