Forwarding Law

When it comes to issues of forwarding law our law offices presently offer the services of two lawyers – each of them being a qualified expert for transport and forwarding law. We counsel and represent renowned forwarding agencies as well as loading and shipping companies with regard to all questions and problems which may arise in connection with questions of forwarding law, national and international transport law and the German  Freight Forwarders Standard Terms and Conditions (ADSp), more particularly with respect to liability and insurance aspects, the assertion and aversion of claims for damages occurring under goods transport contracts, the wording and negotiation of forwarding and shipping contracts, storage contracts, logistics contracts and also when it comes to questions of customs law.


Our lawyers are constantly updating their expertise and are giving lectures on forwarding law issues themselves. In addition we are regularly publishing relevant articles in professional journals and commentaries dealing with current subjects of transport and forwarding law and we are additionally also editing a quarterly newsletter.

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