Real Estate Law

This domain focuses on all those aspects which call for counselling and advice concerning real property issues, i.e. more particularly

  • Drafting of contract and verification of the same
  • Acquisition, transfer, use, charges and encumbrances and alienation or sale
  • Law of expropriation (compulsory sale)
  • Hereditary building right (lease in perpetuity)
  • Law on collateralization of loans (e.g. land charge, mortgage)
  • Fiscal law (e.g. land tax and real estate transfer tax)
  • Encumbrances and charges on land (real servitudes, usufruct, mortgage loan charges, land charges)
  • Land registration law
  • Security interests (notice of conveyance/caution title, right of pre-emption, right of re-purchase)
  • Execution levied upon real property and forced sale
  • Receivership and insolvency


Other legal areas around Real Estate Law