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Special fields of activities of FRIES Rechtsanwälte


 Expertise and Commitment


In the daily practice of our profession we qualify and consider ourselves as modern service providers for both private persons and companies who confide in us on account of our professional expertise and sustained commitment. When seeking counsel from the law office of FRIES Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB with their qualified and certified  expert lawyers and specialists you will always  find exactly the right expert whose knowledge and proficient professional qualification will fully enable him or her to cope with the intentions or goals which you have in mind.


We will not just simply accept your retainer but will truly back you in expediently supporting your goals and interests. In so doing it is our foremost concern to offer you comprehensive personal attendance and individualized solutions. Over and above that a modern back office stands for and guarantees a high degree of service quality.This is but one of the offers by which we endeavour to show our clients the high degree of esteem which we feel for them.