Capital Investment Law

German capital investment law is marked  and largely determined by such a great deal of current jurisdiction and ongoing legislative activities  that it is increasingly difficult to maintain an overview and follow the same. It is especially in cases where an investment is not developing in the anticipated and desired manner and way that issues of liability on the part of the parties involved in such a capital investment (initiators, brokers, consultants, banks, financial services companies, etc.) are coming up and must be given special attention. In this context it is frequently necessary to consider and deal with claims which arise on the grounds of potential rights of revocation, of  misinformation and/or on the grounds of the so-called prospectus liability, i.e. liability  for statements of outlooks which were made in prospectuses, with al of these covering an extremely wide spectrum of investment types. In most of the cases concerned both jurisdiction and legislation have to deal with issues such as investments in shares, investment funds, closed-end funds (real estate, new energies, ship  and media funds), real estate investments and life insurance, investments of this type being frequently financed by way of covering  loans.


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